How To Do It!

In most people's experience we all have run into areas where a little extra insight would have smoothed the learning curve of a new subject. The information below is meant to provide that insight, hopefully identifying the common pitfalls more experienced people have struggled against. These are not meant as replacements for existing, comprehensive documentation (where it may already exist), but are meant more to serve as guideposts on the path toward enlightenment.

Title Summary
Five Things You Should Know About Java Find out what all the buzz about Java is
My First Java Environment How to set up a Java environment on a Windows system for free
From Zero to Applet in 60 Minutes How to write your first Java applet
It's a Gas! How to compute your vehicle's real gas mileage
It Costs How Much? How to compute the cost of the gas you use in your commute or your trip
What is a Musical Note? The basic constitution of a musical note
What is a Musical Scale? Going beyond Do Re Me
What is a Musical Chord? Happiness is a major chord