Conquer for Windows

Conquer for Windows

FORGET DIPLOMACY!! Conquer for Windows is a modern strategy based WAR game. Play against the computer to practice the art of the kill then go head to head with a friend over a network or modem. Conquer for Windows

Download the game now! (1.75 MB)

Farnsworth Ferret's Fun Pack for Kids

Fun Pack

Learning CAN be fun! Let Farnsworth Ferret show your kids how with five fun filled activities. Children learn skills by playing these fun exercises. Rated 4 Star by A1 Yippee Shareware. Fun Pack

Download the game now! (1.72 MB)

Awesome Arcade Action Pack

Arcade Pack

Space Rocks 3D

Have a blast with Space Rocks 3D. Clearing asteroids and aliens from outer space sounds easy, but it's not. Fast paced action in finely rendered detail with stereo 3D sound makes this a must own game. 21st Century Arcade excitement in Windows! Space Rocks

Super Ice Qube Hopper

Get iced in this cool arcade style game featured in Home PC Magazine as one of the best shareware games for Windows! Available for Windows for the ultimate arcade experience. Ice Qube Hopper

Download the game now! (6.8 MB)